New Love: A Father’s Lament

Collection: September 2016
Author: Anonymous
How it relates to the theme of the month: The theme is New Beginnings, and the piece reflects on a father’s reaction to his teenage daughter’s new love.

“New Love: A Father’s Lament”

Not a kid, nor adult.

You’ve found love, and I am not sure how to feel.

Once, we were all that you needed.

Now there is someone else in the picture.

Seems nice, respectful.

But I was a teenage boy once, I know.


I know like you and your mother and his mother do not.

I know, maybe like he does not.

I know too much, not enough, never enough.

I do not want to know, except when I do.

Someday you will know this feeling.

Complete lack of control.


But it will be OK, right?

Wherever this goes, it has happened before.

To me, to your mother, to us all.

True love or heartbreak, which is worse?

Time will tell, but for now I will be here.

Always here.