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Sarah Kornoelje

The Dying Ocean

The message of my piece is that if we don’t stop polluting our earth and oceans, then there will be nothing left. This is personal to me because in the future I want to be a marine biologist and if there isn’t an ocean left, then there will be nothing for me to study. I want people to see and understand what they are doing to our earth when they just throw their trash on the ground. To make this piece I used watercolor for the sky and water. I then used printed pictures for the coral, fish, whale, and sea turtles that I then transferred using acrylic matte medium. I used real trash which makes the piece seem more real and adds texture.


Julia Clover

Be You.

My artwork relates to the theme acceptance. The woman’s face is unique. “I love everything you hate about me”, this shows that she is okay with who she is and that they will accept her for who she is. Everyone should accept everyone for who they are.


Cole Posthumus

Unique Minds

Everyone has a unique mind. But some of us struggle to transfer what we think of in our minds to real life. I personally find it hard to transfer what I see in my mind to paper when creating artwork. It may be colorful and awesome in your head, but when it gets out, sometimes it’s black and white. I used a printed picture of a brain and cut it in half. I then used oil pastels and used my fingers to spread the colors. After that, I applied charcoal and spread it around the outside.


Haylee Fritz

The message of this piece will be different depending on who they are and who they are friends with. To me, and the people surrounding me it is most likely going to be different from anyone else. The message is important for me viewers to consider because hopefully by looking at the piece they will know that it means something beautiful. My message is relevant to today because the person in my piece is of importance at this time for a tragic reason. This piece is important to me because seeing the transfer of his face onto his favorite color helps me deal with the fact that he is gone, but is still in our memories and pictures. I want people to realize that suicide is not the answer, and that bullying is not okay. The mediums I used fro this are acrylic paint, acrylic matte medium, and paper.

francieFrancie Bailey

Mark 12:44

Ultimately this piece is inspired by the Bible verse Mark 12:44 which reads, “They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything–all she had to live on” (NIV). My piece displays this verse in a modern day where there are two people walking past a homeless man. The man is rich and gives two dollars and the woman is poor and gives two cents. The difference is that two cents is all that woman has and two dollars is a very small portion of what the man has so the woman is giving up much more.