The Podcast

Here, you can listen to all of The Share Chair Podcast episodes.

Episode 82–Gabe McPherson

Episode 81–Devin Sanders, Muskegon High School

Episode 80–Reiko Johnson

Episode 79–Tasheyana Wyrick, Muskegon High School

Episode 78–Jane Donnelly

Episode 77–Alex Webster, One Year Later

Episode 76–Abby Snay & Nicole Dekker, Hamilton High School

Episode 75–Mitzi, Emily, and Morgan

Episode 74–Skylar Coon

Episode 73–NCTE Passionate Educators

Episode 72–Syeda Zaidi, Loyola University

Episode 71–Muskegon High School Big Reds Quarterbacks

Episode 70–Morgan Smith

Episode 69–Bek Kalbekov, Muskegon High School

Episode 68–Joe Negen

Episode 67–Barbara Lee at Extended Grace

Episode 66–Muskegon High School Visits Spring Lake High School

Episode 65–Madi, Audra, Noah, and Ben Visit Muskegon High School

Episode 64–Sam & Katie, Muskegon High School

Episode 63–Armeen Sayani, Loyola University

Episode 62–Jennifer Boodt

Episode 61–Andrea Olmos

Episode 60–Jose Ramos

Episode 59–Meg Rice, Loyola University Episode

Episode 58–Karli Baldus

Episode 57–Kalena, Meredith, Eve, Brock, and Eli

Episode 56–Jenny Anderson, Quartz Reporter

Episode 55–Coach Dan Start

Episode 54–Adam Buller–Admissions Dept. at Loyola University, Chicago

Episode 53–Isaac, Ian, and Jacob

Episode 52–Setting It Up: Again

Episode 51–Catching Up With Jennifer Craig Sorber

Episode 50–Finishing It Up

Episode 49–Judi Devlin

Episode 48–Girls’ Cross Country Team

Episode 47–David Theune

Episode 46–Madi Head

Episode 45–Sam Pranger

Episode 44–Caitria Przybylski

Episode 43–Jennifer Gwinnup

Episode 42–Sid Sabo

Episode 41–Tyler Murak, Revisited

Episode 40–Robin Smith

Episode 39–Merelise Antekeier

Episode 38–Sadie and Jori Falak

Episode 37–Laurie Draeger

Episode 36–James Davis

Episode 35–Caroline Highhill

Episode 34–Skyler Gilchrist

Episode 33–Morgyn Reedy

Episode 32–Ana West and Faulkner Bodbyl-Mast

Episode 31–Damontay Tyson

Episode 30–Quinn Hatton

Episode 29–Gabe Stockman

Episode 28–Molly Harvey

Episode 27–Eric Kipling

Episode 26–State Representative, Amanda Price

Episode 25–Happy Holidays From The Share Chair

Episode 24–Kevin Hook

Episode 23–Ashleigh Higgs

Episode 22–Remi French

Episode 21–Madison Terpstra: The Roses

Episode 20–Reese and Hanok Carlen

Episode 19–Emma Welling

Episode 18–What You Should Know About Adoption

Episode 17–Francie Bailey

Episode 16–Comfort Food

Episode 15–Alex Webster

Episode 14–Where You Go Does Not Define You

Episode 13–Anja Hochhuth and Isaac Thornsen

Episode 12–Why EVERYONE Should Be A Feminist

Episode 11–Jen Sorber With McCulla And Macie

Episode 10–What You Should Know About Breast Cancer

Episode 9–Toree Burrell

Episode 8–Acceptance Has No Exceptions

Episode 7–Finn O’Keefe

Episode 6–About Banned Books

Episode 5–Dennis Furton

Episode 4–Elise McGannon

Episode 3–Benjamin Baird

Episode 2–Amaya Fisher

Episode 1–Tyler Murak

Episode .5–Setting It Up With Elise

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